As a MovNat certified trainer, my lessons are based on natural patterns of movement, and on the efficiency and practicality of the moves you learn.

The workouts aim to turn innate human abilities (such as crawling, running, carrying and more) into mastered and adopted skills.

Because this type of movement is innate in us, it has a tremendous effect on all the usual goals:

- it banishes pain and physical troubles

- it shapes the figure (weight loss, muscle growth)

- it improves fitness and athletic performance

- it prevents against injury and has a rehabilitative effect

- it adds stamina and enjoyment out of life

- it is hugely practical and useful in everyday life


In addition to technique, I add many years' experience and, in particular, my talenta sense for people and the way they move.

Everyone has specific needs, and I am able to "hear" what your body is saying about its own needs.



Who are my training sessions for?

Anybody who is really interested in their quality of life. This includes elite athletes, children, seniors, people who have been injured or who have undergone operations, etc.


"The weaker the body, the more imperious its demands; the stronger it is, the better it obeys."

(Jean-Jacques Rousseau)


My training is fully compatible with "classical" bodybuilding. However, the benefit of Natural Motion is far higher. This is because natural moves are more practical, more natural and more efficient, mainly because they don't isolate individual muscles. And it's not so much of a drudge... it's fun instead.

Start once again to draw on the efficiency and healing powers of Natural Motion; start to Move Like a Human.