About me

I have loved moving ever since I was a small boy, although I didn’t even realise it at the time. It was just a normal part of my life.

Osvědčení Tonus
Fitness Instructor

In summer 2007 I enrolled in a fitness trainer course at Fitness Institut Tonus (Dr. Petr Tlapák, CSc.). I wanted to learn how to train correctly. Little did I know that I was at the start of my training career.

Fortunately, the course was not just about “weight lifting”. I found out a lot about how the human body works. This bolstered my natural talent – a sense for people and the way they move.

I worked as a personal trainer for six years many hours a day. I worked with elite athletes, artists, people who had been injured or who had undergone operations, people who wanted to get into shape or understand their bodies, and even with children. I also worked with people whom nobody else (doctors or trainers) had been able to help.

Several times, a client suffering long-term pain looked me up, and after the very first session he went home in no pain whatsoever. I had selected exercises intuitively, trying to take a holistic approach towards “restoring” his body to its natural setup [default setting].

My training was missing something, though.

MovNat certifikát Level I 2
MovNat Level 1 Certified Trainer

In July 2014 I flew to London to take a MovNat (moving naturally, natural movement fitness) course. I passed the exams and qualified as a MovNat certified trainer (MovNat Level 1 certified trainer).

This opened new doors for me.

My work has literally metamorphosed. Everything has suddenly become more effective. What used to take me weeks to achieve with clients now takes only a few hours, and the bonus is that it is imbued with far more enjoyment, fun and naturalness. For them, and even for me.

Natural motion is a way of living, it is a journey. And I am not just a trainer: I am a guide along this journey. Because I walk it as well.

MovNat Level 2
MovNat Level 2 Certified Trainer

Natural motion has changed my life. Now I move a lot more than I did before. I have rediscovered my childhood love of movement. Now movement is my play, part of my life, and I can incorporate it into any moment of my day.

How I sit, how I walk, where I walk, how I perceive my surroundings: all these are variables that I can change so that I don’t merely achieve the required task but I also benefit my body.

After one year of natural motion, my body has transformed. It looks better than it ever did, it works better, I am delighted with it and, mainly, I can rely on it!

In February 2015 I extended my knowledge further and qualified as a MovNat Level 2 certificated trainer in Stockholm, Sweden.

This was followed by a Movement X course in April 2015 let by the awesome “mover” and excellent teacher, Ido Portal.

Last but not least, thanks to MovNat I have been able to connect with other professionals and the crème de la crème in the field of natural motion skills and training. They are now my friends, my teachers and my inspiration. I am deeply grateful for this.

My greatest inspirations in respect of movement are Ido Portal, Joseph Bartz, Ben Medder, Erwan Le Corre and others.

Start once again to draw on the efficiency and healing powers of Natural Motion; start to Move Like a Human.