Practical Guide to Natural Motion

FREE Practical Guide to Natural Motion

More than seven years’ experience. Over 4,000 hours with clients. Know-How from many corners of the earth.

I offer you the best I can give… and it’s free. This is the essence of all I have amassed throughout my career. It’s a list of exercises and a method showing how to start building health, beauty and a fulfilled life through your body.


We are created to be beautiful, functional, healthy, and… happy.

But we don’t use our bodies much!

We only live within one height level: “medium height”! This level encompasses all that is important in our lives: the computer, the fridge, the car keys, the door handle, the toothbrush, etc.

But we are designed for movement on three levels! Our bodies need all of these types of movement. They are a part of our lives from the very start. They are the movements that we master before even learning to walk or talk.

So, what exactly are we lacking the most?

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