How my clients see my training

Ondřej Škoch 2015
Ondřej Škoch

Ondřej Škoch, Chinaski bass guitarist

At around puberty I was diagnosed with Scheuermann's disease. My back hurt virtually all the time. I was in particularly great pain following concerts.

I trained with Matyáš in the gym and things improved. However, the real turning point did not happen until "Natural Motion". My posture changed completely, and I now experience only momentary back pain that can always be remedied by doing the exercises. I can now do things that I never imagined, and I feel a distinctive step forward from one training session to the next. We usually train outside, but during winter we trained inside and focussed on hanging, plank position and foot strength and flexibility. And it delivered results: not long ago a car parked on my foot and stood there motionlessly for about 10 seconds. There we absolutely no fractures and, to the doctors' great surprise, I was standing on stage with no trouble a week later. I have just completed a demanding tour, the likes of which would previously have been a source of extreme pain for me. At the moment, I can say that I feel really good.


Veronika Malá

My name is Veronika Malá (6 May 1994). I have been playing handball since I was six years old. I've been through all the youth and junior national team categories and I am on the women's handball team. Handball just fulfils me.

That made it all the more of a blow when, in October 2011, I severed the cruciate ligament in one knee while changing direction. I had an operation. My recovery was lengthy and was also hard to bear mentally. I met with Matyáš in November 2011 and we started training even before the operation. The training sessions focussed mainly on abs, back, arms and stretching.

My knee bounced back after six months, and so we started including legs a bit more, preparing them for sudden directional changes.

To cut a long story short, in September 2012 I was back on the court and a perceptible change was apparent. My strike was more accurate and far harder than before, and I was in great physical condition. Training with Matyáš works. At the season's end I was declared Handball Talent of the Year.

My thanks go to Matyáš for helping me, and I am confident that we will keep working together in the future.


Kamil Říha

My name is Kamil Říha, I am 22 years old and I've been playing basketball since I was seven. I played in the junior national teams, and later I also played in the top senior competition in the Czech Republic – the Mattoni NBL. Unfortunately, until I met Matyáš, I experienced most of the commonest injuries, and this proved obstructive to my career growth. For several years I suffered from injuries such as sprained ankles and strained or pulled muscles almost every month, and this even had an impact on my psyche. All this was crowned off by a knee operation that didn't heal properly, meaning I was out of the game for the rest of the season. At that point, I was considering retiring from basketball. Luckily, a friend of mine recommended I hire a trainer in a gym. To this day I am thankful to have chanced upon Matyáš. Within a few weeks, my condition improved rapidly and I began to have faith in my body. It is now two years since the summer I trained with Matyáš, and I haven't missed a game that entire time. I would like to thank Matyáš here for being able to set me right, allowing me to continue the sport that I love so much.


Škochová Ája 2015
Ája Škochová

My name is Ája Škochová. I was born in 1946. When we retired we moved to Písek, where we had always spent our holidays. I was really looking forward to enjoying this beautiful town all year round. But in 2010 I slipped on an icy pavement. My legs slipped out from under me, I fell on my lower back and banged my head as well. I was diagnosed with slipped discs in my lumbar and cervical spine. My back began to hurt. My legs had pins and needles. When I looked around I felt nauseous, and it became harder and harder for me to walk. I tried physiotherapy and massage, but they led nowhere. I had come to terms with the fact that I would never again do all the things I loved so much: early morning bike rides, swimming underwater in the weir with the sparkling sequins of the rising sun, and long walks in the Písek mountains. I envied people in the streets simply because they could walk. I couldn't get through the day without taking painkillers. At long last, the children got me some training sessions with Matyáš as a birthday gift. Apart from exercising, he taught me how to sit, stand, walk and lift heavy objects. He has a special gift of empathy. He can tell how I am feeling, what makes me feel good and what doesn't, and he adjusts the exercises accordingly. We have been training together for three years now, and I can once again walk, ride my bike and swim. I don't take any of that for granted, but consider it a wonderful gift. As a bonus, my figure looks so much better that I joke about entering the Miss Senior beauty contest if this keeps up!


Olga Kolísková

Olga Kolísková, Písek

My job involves frequent work at a computer, holding the mouse in one hand, for upward of six hours a day.

But this stereotypical work took its toll. My back and right arm (the one I used more) began to give me pain. The pain advanced until I began to think I would have to leave my job. I visited several doctors and expert physiotherapists and I underwent physiotherapeutic treatment. It all helped for a while, but nothing brought permanent relief. My treatment more or less attempted to remove the symptoms, but not the cause.

Finally, I tried regular training with Matyáš. Only then did I learn from him what was actually causing the pain in my arm and back. To my surprise, the first thing we started to work on was breathing.

After fourteen days of regular training the pain had faded and in six weeks, it had disappeared completely.

I've been training for two years now. My figure has firmed up and become more muscular, I am fitter and, importantly, I am able to continue my work at the computer to the same extent as before and without any back pain. But I do have to exercise regularly. Matyáš takes an individual approach to every one of his clients. It is a gentle approach, in harmony with the laws of nature.

I would recommend Matyáš Kozma to anyone experiencing physical troubles. He won't just make your body better. He'll lift your spirits as well.


Lukáš Chlopáň

My name is Lukáš Chlopáň.

When I was 17 I decided to start bodybuilding. I worked out at home regularly, four or five times a week, for a year. Then I started to notice that my left pec was bigger than my right pec. You could see it at first glance. I found Matyáš. He discovered that my back was not working correctly. After just two or three months of training with Matyáš, I saw great results. My muscles grew more than they did in a whole year of working out at home.

You are an outstanding trainer, and I thank you for your workouts. You have given my life a new meaning and direction. I still follow your tips and advice to keep improving. Thank you for everything you have taught me.


Královský maraton města Písku
Písek Royal Marathon

Královský maraton města Písku (Písek Royal Marathon)

Matyáš doesn't train his clients: he moves with them, because he loves moving. Moving naturally. He's a mover. And he's terribly clever. He's helped me several times and fixed up my posture (following childbirth and breastfeeding), and got rid of my tummy bulge. I really enjoy sessions with him because he enjoys movement too. This guy works very hard on himself, and he passes that energy on to his clients also.

Among other things, he taught me to run! ME!!!!!! I used to land on my heels and my arms waved about, sending my whole body all over the place. I used to eye my son's naturally correct style enviously, and my resolve took on new proportions. Mate, I'm going do it. Apparently, I will even outrun our dog :-)

Jaroslava Králová
Písek Royal Marathon